About Us

Fibromyalgia Support NI was set up in August 1995, to raise awareness of Fibromyalgia especially in Northern Ireland. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain illness that can affect a person from head to toe. There is no cure and they include a wide range of symptoms. They can affect everyone differently.

We really want people to help us raise awareness of this debilitating illness, so that the people that are faced with this can live in a more supportive world. It is hard enough living with chronic pain and all the other nasty symptoms, without being judged because they are invisible. 

We want to give those affected by FM a voice.

We want to make it VISIBLE!

Our mission is to provide an organisation where those with Fibromyalgia can find understanding, knowledge, support and practical help in living & coping with this chronic debilitating condition.

We Support, Advocate, and Educate to and on behalf of Fibromyalgia sufferers in Northern Ireland and beyond.